Save It…

Don’t Replace It!


Carpet Restoration

Our rug restoration services can renew your old rug by bringing it back to looking virtually new depending on its condition while adding years to its life. We offer exceptional services when it comes to repairing rugs, and our color restoration services can restore your carpets and save you up to 75% over the cost of carpet replacement.


Carpets that are pet damaged become an eyesore and are tough to hide. Thankfully, we can repair your carpets so that they look new again so you don’t have to replace the whole carpet.

If you are a pet owner, you would probably agree that your pet is a part of your family; sometimes it is just a matter of time before our little furry friends accidentally damage the carpets.

Carpet Pet Damage can happen for various reasons, such as when your pet got accidentally locked in the room, or got nervous with visitors and wanted to scratch their way through the carpet to get out the door, or if they have anxiety attacks and lick the carpets until the fibers are removed.

These damaged areas require patching or permanently sectioning the carpet, which is definitely an art, not a simple task.

Instead of trying to do it yourself or hiring a cleaning company to handle it, someone without experience installing carpet, call us for a professional cost effective repair.


  • Pet Damage

  • Pet Stains

  • Carpet Burns

  • Stubborn Grease Stains


Carpets often become faded and drab looking long before they wear out. That is where we come in, the carpet restoration specialists!

We love saving homeowners and businesses thousands of dollars, by saving carpets that are in great condition (good fiber integrity) but need color restoration.