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Kissimmee Carpet Cleaning

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Kissimmee Carpet Cleaning

Kissimmee Carpet CleaningElite Steam is one of the leading carpet cleaning companies in the Central Florida area. We have been proudly serving customers in the Orange, Seminole, Volusia, and Osceola counties since 2004. Our services go way beyond just carpet cleaning. We have years of experience in dealing with biohazard contaminants and have the proper training to clean and disinfect your home or office according to CDC guidelines. We offer biohazard cleaning, fogging and sanitation wipe down service to effectively disinfect a broad spectrum of bacteria and viruses.

Elite Steam offers premier carpet, rug, and upholstery cleaning for your home, apartment, or business. Whether you are looking for recurring maintenance or one-time move-in or move-out cleaning, we are the service to call. Professional cleaning will vastly improve the indoor air quality of your property. We also offer exceptional services to repair and restore rugs and carpets.

Dryer vents and air ducts can also harbor dust and allergens that affect your indoor air quality. Dryer ducts left unattended can lead to fires. Protect your home by having them professionally cleaned. Your HVAC system can be compromised by dust buildup in your air ducts. We use the mechanical cleaning method to clean air ducts, which is the most recommended in the industry. It involves rotary brushing to loosen debris followed by vacuuming using a high-velocity HEPA filtration system.

Elite Steam is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for flood emergencies. Immediate service is important when it comes to water damage. That is why we treat it as an emergency before the water has the chance to pose more serious damage, like mold.

Mold can be costly, difficult to remove, and dangerous for your health. Our experts have been thoroughly trained in the most advanced mold restoration techniques. We also specialize in surface decontamination, odor, and allergen removal. Whether your odor problems are caused by pets, food spills, gas spills, water, smoke, etc. Elite Steam has many techniques to remove or eliminate odors.

Kissimmee Carpet Cleaning

Kissimmee Carpet CleaningExperience and great service matters. Our primary goal is to offer the best possible customer experience and to offer a great working environment for our staff. We pride ourselves on the highest standard of work done efficiently at a competitive price. Our professionally trained team members will arrive when expected and be prepared to address all your cleaning and restoration needs. Just ask our loyal customers. Here is what they are saying.

“My wife and I asked different quotes from different companies, but we loved the elite steam inc team and their attention to details. Now our garage is super clean and they checked all the things after the job was done. They are really passionate about doing business and they did their best to make us happy as customers.”

“My Dad’s carpet was severely stained and the result of Elite Steam inc was like seeing a new carpet. The crew was easy to work with and very respectful. My parents were very satisfied with the cleaning and reasonable price.  I also appreciated the help that I received on the phone before the job was done. I would refer Elite Steam to anyone.”

For Best in Class Service, call Elite Steam Today!


Kissimmee Carpet Cleaning


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